Zodiac Entertainment is a production and line production company. We offer all kind of production options. We specialise in producing film in the most competitive budget. We have a group of exceedingly creative people adjusted to our image that has the capacity to handle all parts of the production process. Whether it is a film, short film, commercial, music video, documentary, corporate video, online promo, viral video or YouTube video. On the off chance that you can call it content, we can make it for you. Just tell us the budget you have in mind and we will make the video in that very same budget for you. We can act as production fixers to production companies, film directors, advertising agencies, documentary & corporate filmmakers looking for production management services. We understand that every project has a unique set of objectives, specific requirements. Therefore, we take great precaution in accessing the creative and specific production needs & other parameters keeping in mind the budget & deadlines. We can assure highest standards as quality results are our supreme priority and that too at the most competitive cost. So far we have very successfully done projects as producer and line producer and provided one stop shooting coordination to a lot of our clients. Our projects include commercials for TV and digital market, short films, music, videos, documentaries, product videos. We take care of the entire production, right from conceptualization to pre-production to actual production and post-production. We provide a one-stop solution for all your production needs.

Our point is to deliver really artistic feature content that effectively mirrors our client’s vision.